Infections Of The Digestive System

I could still remember vividly back then in KEZZ Foundation Schools- that school had the best teachers in almost all the subjects. The teachers were the best and wherever they may be right now, I want to use this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of them for all the things they helped me understood.

Malpighian tubules as our biology teacher was fondly called- (she got this name because of the dramatic way she pronounced that organs of excretion in insects) - walked into the class chewing something in her closed mouth. After she was done, she swallowed it before us and wrote DIGESTIVE SYSTEM on the board. It was fun attending her classes back then and looking back now I can figure out the reason why we all had a good understanding of all the topics she handled.

Digestive system comprises the organs and glands which are concerned with the breaking down (digestion) of food into small, absorbable components that can be assimilated into the body of man and off course animals.

These organs are positioned in such a way that they all have their individual functions. Take one out of the equation and the system would collapse.

A friend once said that supposing God programmed our body in such a way that we could hear all the sounds made by the various organs in our body as they carry out their respective functions, we would be amazed but then  the entire universe would be a total Babel. Our God is a perfect God! Isn’t He?

The following are the organs of the digestive system;

1.  Mouth—digestion begins here.
2. Salivary glands- this gland is located under the tongue and it secrets about 1.5 litres of saliva per day
3.The esophagus
4.The stomach
5.The pancreas
6.The liver
7.The small intestine
8.The large intestines

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