Get Relief From Breathing Problem

1. One of the best ways of getting relief from breathing problems is avoiding triggers. Triggers are those substances that cause breathing problems. So, do not forget to wear dust mask when you are going outside. Make use of dust-proof covers on bedding and keep on changing carpets or rugs from time to time.

2. Medications prescribed by doctors, help immensely in alleviating breathing problems. Oral medications like nebulisers, etc. also help in providing immediate relief.

3. Eating healthy diet, including some multivitamins, helps in boosting the immune system of the body. Proper nutrition comprises of a lot of fruits; green leafy vegetables help in maintaining the immune system healthy and strong. 

4. Try to remain physically active by doing aerobic exercises like jogging, walking and swimming, as these exercises keep body and lungs healthy.

5. Drinking and smoking are not good for health, as they suppress respiratory functions of the body and harm the lungs. Therefore, avoiding drinking and smoking is prudent if you want to get rid of breathing problems. 

6. Another natural way of treating breathing problems is increasing your intake of water.

7. Moreover, hot herbal teas work magically in thinning the mucus present in the lungs and clearing it. 

8. Sore throat can be treated naturally by gaggling with lukewarm water, having pinch of salt mixed in it. This helps in reducing swelling.


Source: Healthplus24 team
photo credit: articles4health

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