Falling in Love With You

In the times of yore, when people say ‘love is beautiful’ I wondered how truthful this was. I was an unbeliever in love even though I had a taste while growing up and superficially was in one. I could punch the air like M’hammed Ali in his glory days and tell any caring ear that love is a rose with spiky thorns. I thought love was self-interested, and egotistic. But I was wrong. Very wrong in all reasonable sense.

Love indeed is the most beautiful thing on earth. Its glow amazes me. It melts away hearts like the dews of the morning pouring down on the open arms of a rose flower. It is just a terrific feeling. More than what money can buy. It's like a nature garden surrounded by the beauties of life.

It is in this garden I have found myself!

You are the most beautiful creature God ever made. Your resplendent smile, bonny cheeks, sexy dreamy eyes, and beautiful lips are just an addition to the beauty that permeates from your inside- the incomparable carriage, the excellent spirit, the ‘I can do it very well’ mind, the brainpower, the analytical ability to crystallize issues. I should ever doubt if you were born by a woman- you should be an angel sent from the sky because you are beautiful inside-out. What was Ayi Kwei thinking when he wrote ‘The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born’? He should have a re-think ‘cause no beauty yet unborn can be more than the beauty I see in you. You represent the beauty born and the beauty yet unborn.

Trapped me!

Holding your hands and watching you smile is a feeling I constantly crave for. The sound of your soft voice gives me a feeling for which words cannot vividly explain. How beautiful can the world be?

I am dazed by this whole feeling and I promise to stir it in the right direction.

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