Ebola Outbreak: Experimental Vaccinations Begin In Dr Congo

Health workers n the democratic republic of Congo have begun an immunisation campaign in an attempt to halt te spread of an outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus.

The experimental vaccine proved effective when used in limited trials during the epidemic which struck west Africa in 2014-2016. At least 26 people are believed to have died in the current outbreak.

At least 45 cases of Ebola have been reported, including three health workers, since the outbreak began earlier this month.

The virus has already spread from rural areas to the North-Western city of Mbandaka, a major transport hub on the river Congo, where at least four cases have been confirmed.

However, the world health organisation has said it has ‘strong reason to believe that the outbreak can be brought under control.’

The WHO has sent more than 4,000 does to the democratic republic of Congo, with another batch set to follow.

Health care providers and funeral workers are being vaccinated initially, before the programme is extended to more than 500 people who may have come into contact with those infected with the virus, in a so-called ‘ring vaccination’.

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