Basic Table Manners

Good table manners are a necessity that should be developed and as parents it’s important to practice this as children tend to practice what they see you do than what you tell them to.

Here are basic table manner skills (TBS) you should never take for granted:

TBS 1- Wash your hands with soap and clean water before and after each meal. This is because many diseases and conditions are spread when you don’t wash your hands.

TBS 2-How you sit during meal time matters a lot and determine your interest for the meal. Endeavor to sit erect without slouching or resting your elbows on the table.

Furthermore, if you need to get any item on the dining table for yourself or for someone else ensure that the items are within reach. Don’t lean past the person sitting next to you to pick up something on the table.

TBS 3– Rushing your meal is a sign of bad table manners. Not only are you at risk of choking but could spill your food. Chew your food gently without opening your mouth or smacking your lips noisily. It is impolite and unpleasant to chew your food nosily.

TBS 4- When food gets stuck in your teeth don’t start picking your teeth right in front of everybody. You can either wait after the meal or excuse yourself to remove it elsewhere if it’s making you very uncomfortable. More so, you should remove food from your mouth in the manner you put them in. For instance, if you are eating with a utensil you shouldn’t remove the food in your mouth with your fingers and vice versa.

TBS 5- Silence during meal is a sign of good table manners but if you must say something to your dinning partner, swallow your food and put back your spoon on your plate before speaking. Don’t speak when there’s food in your mouth and please don’t stuff your mouth with large chunk of the meal.

TBS 6- It is ill manner to smoke while eating especially when there are other people at the dinning with you who don’t smoke. Don’t bring your cigarettes to the dining for whatever reason. Learn of the dangers of smoking here.

TBS 7- Don’t drink any liquid with your mouth stuffed with food just so you don’t leave traces of your food on the rim of the cup. It can be very irritating you know.

TBS 8- Farting, sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose during meal is not just unhealthy to you but to other people around you. You can excuse yourself without really stating where you are headed to relief yourself. When you cannot control sneezing or coughing during meal, ensure that you cover your mouth or nose with a handkerchief. This is because when you sneeze, cough or blow your nose you eject harmful microbes which could contaminate your food and make you fall sick .

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