Ability in Disability

For an average disabled person on the street of Nigeria, it is a sorry tale of anguish, stigmatization and poverty.1 He is hardly given the opportunity to prove himself talk more offered a job. This has subjected most of them to street begging.
Moving on to Wuse Zone 3 is a story so palpably inspiring that you could hold it with both arms to your chest.

Mallam Bala is a shoemaker. Some 30 years ago he came into this world hale and hearty. There was joy in the air but this joy was smothered a few months later when he lost the complete use of his legs. His parents thought it was a passing wind that would eventually blow away leaving little or no trace at all. But, it stayed on and now it is clear he is going to live with this condition all the days of his life.

Life became difficult for Bala and gruesomely tortuous but in all of this he kept his head high.
Today he is a Shoemaker. A very good at that He is happily married with children.
No matter what you are going through today, it is enough to throw in the towel. There’s hope for you only if you believe in yourself.

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