5 Tips For a Healthy Life

1. Learn to keep your body and mind relaxed- to achieve this you must learn to express negative feelings and let go. People who do not express negative feelings or stay angry for a long time get sick more often, stay sick much longer and die younger than those who express their feelings...

2. Find time each day to meditate- silence nourishes your soul and heals your heart. Meditation eases you from stress.

3. Become more childlike- learn to forgive easily, don't be too critical and judgmental, laugh at your mistakes and you will provoke your inner child joy and you will feel much less than your age.

4. Live a life of gratitude- gratitude enables you to influence your world. Be grateful even for things which seem not to be there in your life and when you do you will send an energy into the universe that will attract them to you. Learn to embrace the life of gratitude.

5. Exercise all day- when you exercise all day, you will be more vibrant, energetic and youthful. Another point as important as exercise is eating healthy.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now, let's share...?

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